Ocean Rangers 2017 Spring Training



The Colorado Ocean Coalition engages inland communities with land-to-sea stewardship.

The Coalition’s unifying charge is to develop a two-way relationship with the oceans and water. Those who live among mountains, rivers, and inland cities have a direct impact on the cycles of life in the oceans. As the nation’s first Inland Ocean Movement, our goal is to be a wellspring for literacy and community engagement across all inland states.


The Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO) was founded in 2011, with a vision to inspire inland communities to be stewards of our ocean. COCO’s mission, when it started, was to lead a community of individuals to understand our connection to the ocean, unite through shared conservation values, and advocate and celebrate actions that promote a healthy ocean. It has now grown to inspire new chapters across North America and will be called the Inland Ocean Coalition in 2017 with COCO, serving as a model chapter. The Inland Ocean Coalition has sustained efforts over the past five years to fulfill the vision to build an inland movement (programs, educational experiences, and community building) for oceans and clean water. 

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