Boulder Creek Todos


Opportunities for Contribution and Impact:

Develop Geocache Participation Program

Identify preliminary geocache targets for ‘Boots’.  Identify preliminary geocache participants.  Assess and determine necessary sponsorship and or rewards.  Develop publicity and communications program.  Establish mechanism for capturing reports and photos.  Schedule and launch. 

Done: Twelve (12) locations identified, located, photographed and posted.

Develop Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting Program

Develop the strategy and deployment plan for monitoring and reporting water quality.  Integrate existing ‘stream team’ activities and resources.  Leverage state, county and city programs for test kits and reporting.  Estimate required funding and determine fundraising approach.  Select locations and chemistry for testing. Reach out to academic and community resources involved or interested in water quality issues.  Develop communications and publicity plan.

Done: Operational program, three (3) monitoring sites, data being reported.

Identify Stakeholders and Conduct Introductions

Identify relevant business, community and academic stakeholders in The Creek community.  Determine existing relationships and history.  Conduct initial introduction meetings and determine coordination roles.  

Done: Eight (8) stakeholders identified, met and bios posted as Watershed Advocates on ‘Team’ page.

Establish Community Contact Management and Communications Plan

Determine approach for identifying interested individuals.  Build contact management solution. Define communications format and frequency.  Capture emails, phone numbers and additional targeted information. Launch outreach program.

Done: Seventy two (72) names and contact details entered in database and initial contact sent.

Identify and Establish Corporate Friend Community

Identify target industry and specific organizations to be charter members of the Boulder Creek community.  Determine value and benefits to target organizations.  Develop marketing and solicitation presentation.  Approach, discuss and obtain commitments.  Schedule September community meeting at one of the initial participants.

Done: Three (3) to eight (8) organizations identified and signed up as ‘Friends’.

Launch and Integrate Social Media Platforms

Initialize content for Boulder Creek Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Establish ongoing maintenance and update approach.  Identify responsible individuals.

Done: Current weekly posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Establish 'Schwag' and 'Logoware' Program

Identify promotional items for local community and market.  Explore providing inventory for broader Waterkeeper community.  Determine price and cost points.  Design and order items.  Distribute and sell.  

Done: Hats in ‘Boots’ photos, inventory on hand, revenue plan documented.



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