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In keeping with our vision to inspire inland communities to be stewards of our ocean, our chapters promote healthy oceans through education and community engagement. The Colorado Ocean Coalition is leading an effort to provide an organizational model and guidance for inland communities to create their own ocean chapters.  Chapters work together to expand current inland ocean programs and share successful initiatives.


Inland Ocean Coalition Chapters include: Great Lakes, Prairie, and Utah. Check out what each of our chapters is up to!

Utah Ocean Coalition

Building on the success of the Colorado Ocean Coalition, we are...
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CU Chapter

      The CU Colorado Ocean Coalition enables CU...
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Get Started

The Chapter Guide for Inland Ocean Chapters explains in detail how to work with the Inland Ocean Coalition to create and manage an Inland Ocean Chapter.


The following steps help define and grow Inland Ocean Chapters:

  • Identify and support local watershed-to-sea issues
  • Plan Blue Drinks event to introduce the Inland Ocean Coalition to the community
  • Grow membership by setting up tables at local community events and through social media
  • Partner with local businesses and events that are water-/ocean-minded






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For more information, or with questions, contact Jane Enterline, Chapter Development Advisory Board Member.

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