COCO Speakers


Meghan Heaney-Grier

Freedive Champion – Making Waves Speaker 2012

Synte Peacock

National Center for Atmospheric Research – Making Waves Speaker 2012

Lonny Haynes

National Association of Underwater Instructors – Making Waves Speaker 2012

Margo Pellegrino

Blue Frontier Campaign – Making Waves Speaker 2011
Elaine Pease 11

Elaine Pease

Author, Even Sharks Need Friends – Making Waves Speaker 2011
Billy Causey 11

Bill Causey

National Marine Sanctuaries – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Richard Boot – Making Waves Speaker 2012, 2013

Bonnie Monteleone

Director of Science, Research and Academic Partnerships for Plastic Ocean Project,

Dr. Susan Shaw

Marine & Environmental Research Institute – Making Waves Speaker 2012
Marcus Eriksen 11

Marcus Eriksen

5 Gyres Institute – Making Waves Speaker 2011

David Guggenheim

Ocean Doctor – Making Waves Speaker 2013 Blue Drinks 2014
Steph Tobor 1113

Stephanie Tobor

Green Apple Supply – Making Waves Speaker 2011, 2013
Daniella Dimitrova Russo 11

Daniella Dimitrova Russo

Plastic Pollution Coalition – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Dr. Alan Vajda

Professor of CU Denver and Environmental Endocrinologist OA Speaker 2014

Matt Brookhart

Chief Policy and Planning at NOAA, Office of National Marine

Rod Salm

The Nature Conservancy – Making Waves Speaker 2012
Sylvia Earle

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Explorer in Residence, National Geographic – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Steve Emmet-Mattox

Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Programs with Restore America’s
Alison Gannett 11

Alison Gannett

Making Waves Speaker 2011
Louie Psihoyos

Louie Psihoyos

Ocean Preservation Society – Making Waves Speaker 2011, 2012 Blue

Courtney Mattison

Artist, Ocean Advocate – Making Waves Speaker 2013
11_Matt Lappe

Matt Lappe

Alliance for Climate Education – Making Waves Speaker 2011
Anna Cummings 11

Anna Cummings

5 Gyres Institute – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Captain Alfred McLaren

American Polar Society – Making Waves Speaker 2012

Alex Earl

Project AWARE Foundation – Making Waves Speaker 2013

Janice Lopitz

Keep It Clean Partnership – Making Waves Speaker 2011 Ocean

Daniel Basta

National Marine Sanctuaries – Making Waves Speaker 2011, 2012

Natalie Jeremijenko

“The artist who talks with Fish” Blue Drinks Speaker 2014

Paul Michael

Monterey Bay Sanctuary – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Gregg Treinish

Adventures and Scientists for Conservation     Making Waves Speaker

Richard Theiss

RTSea Media – Making Waves Speaker 2103

Sarah Glaser

Fisheries Ecologist, University of Denver Ocean Ambassadors Speaker 2014
Charlotte Vick 11

Charlotte Vick

Sylvia Earle Alliance – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Holly Lohuis

Ocean Futures – Making Waves Speaker 2013

Mark Stone

California’s 29th Assembly District – Making Waves Speaker 2013

Jean-Michel Cousteau

Plant A Fish – Making Waves Speaker 2012

Ryan Van Duzer

Travel Journalist, TV Personality, Adventurer and Activist Ocean Ambassador Speaker

Debra Jason

Professional Copywriter and Marketing Coach, Expertise in Social Media and

Samantha Stevenson

CIRES – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Paul Michel

Superintendent of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Blue Drinks

Stephen Palumbi

Ph.D. from University of Washington in marine ecology Blue Drinks

Jim Toomey

Sherman’s Lagoon – Making Waves Speaker 2011, 2012, 2013

Shawn Heinrichs

Blue Sphere Media – Making Waves Speaker 2011, 2012, 2013

Sarah Winter Whelan

Director, Regional Marine Conservation Project Ocean Ambassador Speaker 2014

Milo Cress

Be Straw Free – Making Waves Speaker 2012

Dory Ford

Owner and head chef , CEO of Aqua Terra Culinary

Dr. Bill Causey

National Marine Sanctuary, Regional Director of Southeast Atlantic, Gulf of

Claudio Garzon

Save Oceans and Seas – Making Waves Speaker 2012, 2013

Lee Lee

Artist, Ocean Advocate – Making Waves Speaker 2013

Erika “Echo” Bergman

ExplorOcean – Making Waves Speaker 2013

Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza

Executive Director of OceanFirst Institute Ocean Ambassador Speaker 2014

Roz Savage

Record-setting Ocean Rower – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Paddy Ryan

Johnson & Wales University – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Dennis Long

Monterey Bay & Channel Islands Sanctuary Foundation – Making Waves

Dr. Steve Nerem

Professor of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, Expertise in Rising Sea Levels

Vicki Wedell

Chief Policy & Planning at NOAA, Office of National Marine

Alex Antoniou

Fins Attached: Marine Research and Conservation – Making Waves 2012
Caine Delacey 11

Caine Delacy

Coral Reef Ecologist – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Colleen Flanigan

Living Sea Sculpture – Making Waves Speaker 2012

Lauren Bond Kovsky

The River’s Path Blue Drinks Speaker 2014
Jennifer Pitt 11

Jennifer Pitt

Environmental Defense Fund – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Alexandra Miller

Denver Divers, Scuba Schools International – Making Waves Speaker 2012
David Mcguire 11

David Mcguire

Sea Stewards – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Romain Vakilitabar

Author, Matteo’s Day Off – Making Waves Speaker 2011

Asher Jay

Message in a Bottle Art – Making Waves Presenter 2012

Richard Charter

The Ocean Foundation – Making Waves Speaker 2013

Lauren Riegler

Director of Outreach for Ocean First Institute Ocean Ambassadors Speaker

Ruby Stocking

Independent International Filmmaker – Making Waves 2013

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Blue Marbles Project, BLUEMiND – Making Waves Speaker 2012

Nicole Lovenduski

Department of Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences – Making Waves 2011

Andy Schultheiss

Policy and Political Strategist, Former District Director for Congressman Jared

Glen Charnoski

COCO Volunteer and OA 2014 Graduate Ocean Ambassadors Speaker 2014

Joanie Kleypas

National Center for Atmospheric Research – Making Waves Speaker 2012

Cherlyn Seruto

The Stream Team Ocean Ambassadors Speaker 2014

John Armor

National Marine Sanctuaries – Making Waves Speaker 2013

Mark Spalding

The Ocean Foundation – Making Waves Speaker 2013

Captain Phil Renaud

Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation – Making Waves 2013

Rachel Bruce

Debate Coach with Denver Urban Debate League Ocean Ambassadors Speaker

Jared Polis

U.S. Representative for CO – Making Waves Speaker 2012

Steve Emmett-Maddox

Restore America’s Estuaries – Making Waves Speaker 2011
David Helvarg 11

David Helvarg

50 Ways to Save the Ocean – Making Waves 2011

Fabien Cousteau

Diver, Founder of Plant a Fish – Making Waves Speaker

Casson Trenor

Greenpeace USA, Sustainable Sushi – Making Waves Speaker 2012
Galapagos Islands

Gregory S. Stone PhD

Oceans Conservation International – Making Waves Speaker 2012
John Weller 11

John Weller

The Last Ocean (film) – Making Waves Speaker 2011 Blue

Steve Weaver

Weaver’s Dive and Travel Center – Making Waves Speaker 2012
DiannaCohen 11

Dianna Cohen

Plastic Pollution Coalition – Making Waves Speaker 2011
Lesley Smith 11

Lesley Smith

CIRES – Making Waves Speaker 2011

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