Stream Team

COCO Stream Team

Are you interested in Boulder County’s water quality?

Here is your opportunity to investigate local water quality first hand. Colorado Ocean Coalition has teamed up with Colorado River Watch, a statewide citizen science water quality monitoring program. Colorado River Watch is an exemplary program where numerous volunteers across the state conduct monthly sampling for water quality indicators that can impact uses like drinking water and fisheries, as well as government and local water management. They have involved over 70,000 individuals in Colorado since 1989, providing data on 3,000 stations covering over 300 rivers. The data collected is used to set, maintain, and improve water quality designations of waterways in the state. River Watch and other similar programs are essential in maintaining the clean water we drink and play in here in Colorado.

Examples of human impacts on Colorado’s Water Quality:

  • Oil from cars
  • Chemicals from lawn and gardens
  • Dog Poo and wildlife
  • Trash from streets that flow into storm drains
  • Anything you flush down the drain or toilet

Water Testing

We will conduct monthly sampling events in Boulder County. Check the COCO Events Calendar for dates, times and places.

Phase I

Phase 1 of COCO’s Stream Team is to sample parameters funded by the Colorado River Watch program, such as alkalinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, metals and hardness, and macroinvertebrates.

If you would like to learn about each parameter we will be testing for before you volunteer, please visit the links below:



Dissolve Oxygen


Phase 2

The sky is the limit for Phase II. We hope to get funding to expand our sampling capability for a variety of parameters that help support COCO’s message, such as testing for microplastics in our waterways.

Volunteer For Stream Team!

Email to join in the fun and learn more about how Boulder’s water quality affects our Watershed to Sea connection –

We are seeking all levels of participation, from standing in the river in waders to just observing!

Additional Information:

Previous citizen-based water quality sampling programs, such Boulder Creek Watershed (BCWI) are now defunct. The Keep It Clean Partnership does organize their own Stream Team for creek cleanup events, though they do not organize volunteer water sampling activities.

For a great overview of Colorado watersheds, click here.

Other citizen-based watershed groups:

Fracking related:

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